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School Zoning Map Loudoun County Schools

LCPS – School Zoning Map

UPDATE:  We have the latest LCPS Boundary Maps – CLICK HERE – to go to the page with quick links.

John F. Kennedy once said that ‘change is the law of life’. In keeping with his views, Loudoun County, just a few miles away from Washington D.C., has changed dramatically over the span of the last decade. The 21st century came with an inflow of new people and a wave of financial growth.Loudoun County Public Schools SY 2015 - 16

Loudoun County Public Schools is Northern Virginia’s fastest growing school system and the 5th largest in the country, serving a 70,000-strong legion of students each year.

To release some of the pressure on Loudoun County High Schools, which have seen their student enrollment figures soar and even double by 2005, the LCPS has promptly pledged to open a brand-spanking new school come Labor Day of every year.  And with every new school, comes a change to the school zoning map and changes to multiple school boundaries.

Seems like ‘change is the law of Loudoun County Public Schools’ would be an apt adaptation of JFK’s statement!  The need to build more schools to keep up with growth inevitably gives any newcomer to Loudoun County a mild headache just trying to keep up with changes to the school zoning maps.  As if finding new homes for sale in Loudoun is not enough of a challenge, parents now have to sift through piles of outdated data to figure out which houses go to which schools on the right School Zone Map.

School Zoning Map Affects Loudoun County High Schools

There are currently 14 high-schools in Loudoun County, as of the original date of this post. The greatest changes to take effect of late are to the Aldie, Brambleton, Lansdowne and Ashburn area school zones. Rock Ridge High School, which is located next to the Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School, opened in the school year of 2014-2015.

As LCPS carries out its plans, more Loudoun County High Schools (and Middle Schools and Elementary Schools!) will serve the growing community, but unfortunately many more changes to the school zoning map are bound to occur. Change continues with Riverside High School, next to the Belmont Ridge Middle School, opening in the Fall of 2015.


In the immediate future, school zone maps for John Champe HS, plus Stone Hill Middle School and other feeder schoools, will be affected. School boundaries have recently been changed, or will change soon, for Tuscarora High School, Stone Ridge High School, Briar Woods High School Belmont Ridge Middle School, alongside many more areas that fall in between attendance zones.

As local realtors, the NoVa Real Estate Group has access to information concerning future developments in the area, and is attuned to the inner workings of the community. If you’ve been affected by a change in school boundaries, or if you’d like to put down roots in Loudoun County and make the transition as seamless as possible for your children, access the School Zoning Map via our website – it’s Free – then call Nova Real Estate Group at 703-722-8831 for personal help finding homes for sale near Loudoun schools best for you.

Our team of experts can help you keep track and even anticipate some of the School Zoning Map changes to come.

School Zone Map Changes – New Communities

School zoning map changes mean new communities and lots of new home builder activity – it’s change, yes, but it’s also opportunity for home buyers.  Scroll down to find brand new homes for sale in new communities near new Loudoun County Schools.  Eastern Loudoun county has high growth – growth means new schools (and school zoning map changes!), new communities, and brand new homes for sale!

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NoVa Real Estate Group specializes in Loudoun County Schools and New Construction in Northern Virginia. Loudoun County is growing rapidly, and growth means rapidly changing school boundaries, new schools, new communities, new home builders, and lots of options for new home Buyers!

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