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Loan Pre-Approval vs Loan Pre-Qualifying – See The Difference

NoVa Real Estate Group presents a quick video – click below to see the differences between Loan Pre-Approval and Loan Pre-Qualifying.

Loan Pre-Approval vs Loan Pre-Qualifying

Loan Pre-Approval is just that, an actual ‘approval’ from a lender based on a more thorough review of a buyer’s financial situation.

Loan Pre-Qualifying is a no-commitment, no-document ‘opinion’ from a lender of the loan amount a buyer could ‘qualify’ for, and is based on a couple of pieces of information.  It’s not as thorough.

Loan-to-value Ratio is the amount of money you borrow (loan amount) compared with the value – list price or appraised value – of the home you are purchasing.

At NoVa Real Estate Group, we’re Realtors® and expert Buyer’s Agents – we’re the professionals who help Home Buyers get just the right house in just the right neighborhood.  And we always recommend that home buyers connect with a Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer, the expert at guiding you through the loan process, and do it very early in the house hunting process.

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