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Best High Schools in Virginia

Find the Best High Schools in Virginia here in Loudoun County


Loudoun County Public Schools new office - Ashburn VAWe live and we learn; it may be a cliché, but one that Loudoun County High Schools treasure and abide by. With some of the best high schools in Virginia, Loudoun County can’t afford to rest on its laurels, because its population is booming and its schools are literally overflowing with new students.

Loudoun County Public Schools are some of the state and the nation’s top rated institutions, and their allure draws in thousands of new residents every year. Briar Woods HS, Loudoun Valley HS and Stone Bridge HS have offered the best that Loudoun County High Schools could possibly offer, and they have been joined by Rock Ridge HS to relieve some of the pressure created by the influx of new students. Riverside HS will also be opening its doors in the 2015-2016 school year, and its principal will be stepping down from the same position held for nearly a decade at a different high-school to serve the students of Riverside.

Heritage HS and Loudoun County High School ranked among the top 1% in the country in 2012, while many of the 15 Loudoun County High Schools have been dubbed the Best High Schools in Virginia over the years. With some of the best graduation rates and SAT scores in the state, it’s no wonder these public schools attract so many new residents.

SAT scores for Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington are all comfortably higher than the state average, and considerably higher still than the national average, making Northern Virginia the crown jewel of the state’s public school system.

The interesting thing about Loudoun County High Schools is that they tend to score similarly and there is little leeway in the educational programs, especially as so many new high schools are built and students and teachers are reassigned to different schools. There is greater stability here than you’d have in Fairfax, for instance, where test results and school ratings vary considerably from one institution to the next. The residents of Loudoun County also enjoy similar wage bands, cheaper housing and tens of flourishing new communities with diverse and rich backgrounds, which tends to reflect positively in their school performance.

The residents sing the LCPS’ praises, but they’re not alone. The Virginia Department of Education commended Loudoun County on nearly 40 of its practices, and made 60 or so recommendations that are bound to improve both school performance and local funding in the near future.

But most importantly, every new school that is erected for the local children walks in the footpath of the Loudoun County Schools before it, carrying on the legacy of the Best High Schools in Virginia and producing more and more skilled, gifted and talented students with each new generation, which serve to make Loudoun County even greater.

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