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Loudoun Schools Are Growing And Changing With Loudoun County

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Loudoun Schools Are Growing And Changing With Loudoun County

Loudoun_County_High_SchoolA nook that Northern Virginia has hid so well from public attention these past few decades, Loudoun County, its communities, and the plethora of Loudoun Schools available to residents are now firmly in the spotlight, where they will most likely remain for many years to come. Loudoun County High Schools, middle schools, elementary school and kindergartens have been drawing people to this once quaint, rural alcove, in the hope that their children will achieve excellent school results, as has historically been the case.

The county with the highest median income in the USA for its population levels, Loudoun becomes larger and stronger with each passing year. With a steady population of under 25,000 residents between 1790 and 1960, the county has nearly doubled its demographic figures every decade thereafter.

True to its motto, the county has ‘bid its time’ and is now catching up with the most developed counties in the state. It mutated from a rural hotspot into a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Together they cooperate, thrive and contribute to the growth and changes in Loudoun County. This synergy of forces has created given rise to a wealth of new developments in the area, with builders flocking to revamp the local landscape into a residential haven.

Loudoun Schools deeply rooted for growth

Currently the state’s third largest school division, the LCPS opened its doors to a student body of 73,400 in the 2013-2014 school year, and even larger numbers are expected in the following years. This is due mainly to the reputation that Loudoun County High Schools and middle schools have acquired over the years. Loudoun Schools have a much lower dropout rate than any other county, according to Virginia’s Department of Education, with greater administration and instruction disbursements per pupil than other counties, more local funding than all others, and better teacher per student ratios.

The county also enjoys the greatest proportion of students related to the general population, and it has built more than 20 schools in the past 7 years to cope with the inflow of new students. The LCPS pledges to build many more Loudoun Schools in the near future and to maintain the current practice of opening at least one such institution before the start of every school year.

As change begets change, Loudoun Schools and their promising educational programs are bound to produce greater results with each passing year, fueling the changes and improvements we need to see not only in Loudoun County, but elsewhere in the state, nation and world.


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