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Loudon County Schools

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Loudon County Schools


Loudon is a common misspelling of ‘Loudoun’.  The correct name for the county in Northern Virginia that is growing fast and getting to be well-known for its high quality public schools is Loudoun County.  But you probably found this page because you searched for Loudon County Schools, or something similar using Loudon County … and I still want you to know about the great Loudon County Schools!  (forgive me for using the misspelling … I know it’s ironic that this is a post about schools)

We all want to offer our children the best start in life, and some of us must go to great lengths to do so just so that our children may have a chance to study at some of the best schools around, as is the case with the Loudon County Schools, which attract thousands of new students every year.

Whether it’s a Loudon County High School or kindergarten, it’s probably one of your main incentives to find the best possible education for your children. As many parents would concur, you couldn’t have made a better choice.

Loudon County Schools are some of the best public institutions in the region (and rank very well in the whole country), with specialized, inclusive programs. They offer advanced placement to special education and everything in between, with international student exchange programs, club membership, national competition enrollment, charity fellowship and myriads of other opportunities for children to thrive. Loudon County High School, for example, excels at providing all the tools and support their students need to achieve the best SAT scores in the county, as the case has been for nearly a decade.

With a 73,400-strong student body in the school year 2014-2015, comprising PK to 12 grade students, Loudon County Schools is now one of the fastest growing public school branches in Virginia. In fact, the division surpassed Virginia Beach’s enrollment rate and number of schools in 2014, and is expected to be take the lead from 2015 on.

Loudoun County prides itself with nearly 4,500 LCPS students with excellent results from 1983 onwards. These students were awarded National Merit Scholarship, National Achievement Scholarship, and National Hispanic Scholarship, or they have been in the top 5% of their class for three years running. An excellence banquet is due to be held in 2015, honoring no less than 271 such students from some of the most highly-rated Loudon County High Schools: Briar Woods High School, John Champe, Dominion, Heritage, Riverside High School, Loudoun Valley, Potomac Falls, and Stone Bridge High School.

The LCPS system was established in 1870 to serve a community with rural pursuits, but from the 1960s, Loudoun County flourished and diversified. It remains a tranquil community, with a rural charm that is not unsettled by the 30 or so new developments completed in less than a decade. The locals here are humble and gingerly, not inclined toward tooting their own horns. In fact, you may never have heard of Loudoun County or its brilliant achievements before.

What’s more, you may be one of the hundreds of people who misspell the county ‘Loudon’, and nobody would think any lesser of you if that were the case (yes, I still type Loudon County Schools when I’m in a hurry). As long as you’re open to the idea of moving to Loudoun and willing to give the LCPS a try, whichever way you choose to spell it makes no difference, aside from when the title deed is drawn up, of course. And don’t trouble yourself too much about finding a new home close to your top Loudoun County Schools, either, because with experts like the NoVa Real Estate Group, you’re in safe and capable hands.

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