What is Your House Worth?

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“What is Your House Really Worth?”
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Michael Wilson, founder of Nova Real Estate Group, offers Home Sellers a range of tools – from the ’30 Second’ option to the Experienced Professional option:

UPDATE:  We’ve upgraded since Michael made the video above!   We’ve still work the same way, but we’ve got better websites for you to use.

Option 1 = Click Here to Get Instant Information about Your Home Value

When you are getting serious about SELLING, then you need a more detailed analysis.
We have options for you to get a more in-depth information about Selling your house.

Option 2 = Click Here to Request A Professional Online Valuation Assessment of Your Property
This is where one of our Licensed Agents digs deeper and creates an in-depth professional valuation for your property.  This is perfect for anyone thinking of selling in the next 6-12 months.  YES!  Just like Michael says in the video – Contact us even well in advance … even if you think it is ‘too early’ to talk to your Realtor®!

Option 3 =  Call us @ 703-722-8831 and ask for an on-site Professional valuation.  This is ideal for anyone thinking of selling in the next 1-6 months.  At this point in the process, you need the most precise value information you can get, and that includes looking at the condition and upgrades.  It’s part of  ‘pricing it right’ – your decision about listing price – when you are ready to list your property for sale.

There is never any obligation to use our professional services.*
We are Realtors®, Real Estate Experts, and we put in the effort to give you solid data about how much you could sell your house for, based on current market conditions that affect your specific property.
* Really, it’s free … there’s no cost or obligation.
We’re here to help you reach your goals … and we’re good at it!
Call us @ 703-722-8831 and tell us about your goals … we can help!

When you’re ready to get serious about selling, don’t trust the tax records or the automated sites  – your house isn’t a statistic, it’s a unique property, not the average of your neighborhood or zip code – it’s simply accurate enough data for an important decision.  We offer all of these tools, so we’ve got you covered no matter where you are in the Home Selling process.

Get an expert opinion – the pricing decisions you make when selling your house are important enough to be accurate!
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